October 26, 2021

A Minecraft player was unlucky enough to have a corral full of bunnies killed by a lightning strike

While caring for a bunny enclosure while playing Minecraft, one unhappy gamer underestimates the perils of a rainstorm.

Many mobs can be found in Minecraft's procedurally created environments. These mobs often supply important things for players, in addition to providing life to the otherwise lonely ambiance of the survival game. While some of these creatures, like Creepers and Skeletons, are aggressive, most of them are not. Rabbits are one of these benign mobs with various purposes.

Rabbits were introduced in the 1.8 update and can be found all throughout the game environment. Bunnies are one of many passive creatures in Minecraft, and players can harvest rabbit skin, raw rabbit, and rabbit's foot from them. One user recently attempted, but failed, to care for rabbits in the game.

A thunderstorm passed through the neighbourhood as regalfuzz worked. While the weather didn't seem to be an issue, things started to go wrong as they prepared to exit the corral. It happened just as the player was closing the gate behind him. A big bolt of lightning struck the enclosure where regalfuzz had been standing only moments before.

While the player made it through the terrifying confrontation, the rabbits were not so lucky. The lightning had killed all but one of the rabbits, leaving behind a pile of rabbit meat. The only survivor was a rabbit who had gotten out of the pen just as regalfuzz was leaving.

This bunny apocalypse, which was triggered by a lightning strike, is another example of the unpredictability of Minecraft's open universe. While unexpected and bad incidents do happen to players like regalfuzz, the game's unpredictability is what keeps many players interested. It will be interesting to see what other strange events gamers in Minecraft encounter in the future.

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