April 13, 2021

A Partnership between BetX and Oddin in place to Produce iFrame

A Partnership between BetX and Oddin in place to Produce iFrame

Partnerships are an important part of any industry as it helps organizations create new products and services that benefit various industries and the general public. This is especially evident within the iGaming industry and one of the latest partnerships is between Oddin and BetX. The two brands have opted to work together to provide eSports fans with the eSports iFrame solution. Both brands are looking to provide players with the most entertaining eSports betting experience.

Polish users will now have the opportunity to take advantage of a betting platform that understands what they need. In this segment, we’ll be taking a look at the partnership between Oddin and BetX.

What is the iFrame?

The iFrame is a platform that was specifically designed and developed with eSports bettors in mind. This platform offers an extensive range of coverage and aims to provide the most live betting markets and the highest uptime available. The partnership between Oddin and BetX comes just a week after the former had received a large influx of capital from a group of investors.

According to Mateusz Banas, the COO of Betx, the younger generations are an integral part of our future and it’s evident that they’re drawn to eSports. Banas also proceeded to state that Oddin is offering a product that requires little to no work and it’s aimed to provide customers with the widest range of offers and a user-friendly platform. iFrame is meant to provide users with everything that they could need in an online betting platform with an incredible focus on eSports.

Thoughts on the Partnership

It’s clear that both parties are happy to be working together and the Head of Partnerships at Oddin, Marek Suchar, has stated that Oddin believes that BetX is the perfect partner as it understands how important eSports is and that it understands that they would like to provide an innovative sports betting platform.

Both parties are excited to see the iFrame product go live after an effortless integration and it’s clear that the Polish betting market is an important eSports region in Europe. The region has already established an enormous eSports following and this is why the launch with BetX is perfect, as it’s a trusted partner.

There’s a huge demand for an eSports betting platform that’s been increasing exponentially over the last few years. The best part is that the eSports betting market is starting to heat up and it will become extremely competitive over the next few months, especially after the Luckbox private placement round.

What is Oddin?

Oddin is a business-to-business eSports tech solution that operates their AI-powered and data-driven iFrame solution along with Bayes eSports that provides all of the official data that’s used on

the platform. Coverage is delivered by the second with virtually no delays and it assists bettors, improves profitability for betting operators, and drives volume. This is a company that’s been all over the industry and is set to provide one of the best betting experiences possible.

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