October 14, 2021

AMD Advantage™ laptops provide a better gaming experience

Every gamer understands the frustration of poor framerates and stuttering caused by inadequate hardware. Even with all of a company's years of expertise creating high-quality gaming computers, there is always space for improvement.

AMD has spent years researching and developing the technology that powers today's most powerful gaming laptops. AMD makes it possible for laptop designers to create thin computers that don't have to sacrifice on power by optimising its CPUs and innovating with technology like AMD SmartShiftTM technology1.

AMD's powerful RyzenTM processors and RadeonTM graphics work together to deliver unique features that are only available on AMD-configured laptops. AMD SmartShiftTM technology1 boosts performance by dynamically directing power in your laptop to the areas where it's most needed, depending on your tasks. You'll always receive the best performance, whether you're gaming or creating content.

AMD FreeSyncTM technology2 eliminates screen tearing on high-resolution 1080p and 1440p displays running at 144Hz or above, allowing you to enjoy games the way they were meant to be enjoyed. AMD AdvantageTM laptops have keyboard response speeds as low as 3 milliseconds. You can, but you won't need to use an extra monitor with these laptops to gain a competitive advantage.

For years, you had to build a desktop PC or buy a hot, heavy laptop that could have passed for a desktop to get the greatest experience in demanding games. That is no longer the case. AMD has spent years researching, developing, and tweaking its RyzenTM series processors and RadeonTM series graphics cards to provide a quality gaming experience in laptops that fit comfortably in your lap.

AMD's AMD RyzenTM processors and RadeonTM graphics cards work together to enable new technologies based on the three pillars of enhanced performance, sophisticated displays, and built-for-gaming.

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