August 9, 2021

Ariana Grande’s Fortnite Event has been a success

The in-game concert featured wild visuals and mini-games.

Ariana Grande is the latest musician to join the digital world of Fortnite this weekend. Her Big Rift Tour is finally over and was appeared to be less a virtual concert and more of a trippy interactive adventure.

Ariana Grande headlined Epic's "Fortnite Rift Tour," in which she virtually played five in-game gigs over the course of three days. On August 6, the first event took place. Over the weekend, a second and third duplicate of the event were shown again for players to see.

During the Rift Tour event, players are unable to harm one another and must instead participate in numerous phases, each with its own music. Players slide around a large tube of colourful ooze at one point. Players are then strapped into planes and given the opportunity to fire at the storm king (a character in the Fortnite world) as well as purple crystals.

Grande's avatar is seen ascending enormous white stairs towards a bright white light at one point during the event. She can be heard singing the song "The Way," which features Mac Miller, during this segment. In 2018, he tragically passed away. They had been dating since 2016. Many people interpret this as a clear reference to Miller's premature death.

While this isn’t the first virtual concert to happen in Fortnite, it’s easily the best and most impressive yet.

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