January 5, 2022

Fortnite Could Be Getting A "No Build" Mode Soon

If the latest Fortnite rumour is correct, the game may be getting a new mode named "No Build" in the near future. Epic Games has been tinkering with several concepts to entice people back into the game who may have lapsed or simply moved on to other games for a while now. It's not like the game isn't doing well; in fact, business appears to be at an all-time high, which can be ascribed in part to the pandemic, with players staying home and spending their nights chilling on the servers with friends. But they always appear to be attempting new things to attract new customers.

It looks that the firm is striving to bring the "No Build" mode to life, according to a new post from HYPEX, which has been a credible source for Fortnite leaks and updates on the way. It will be a conventional Battle Royale mode with the ability to acquire building resources to construct barriers, ramps, platforms, and other stuff taken away, as the name suggests. For a limited time, you'll be battling a typical survival game.

It appears to be a cool idea that some people would be willing to attempt. On the other side, some are mocking it because it would remove one of the fundamental components that makes Fortnite so distinctive in the first place. If you can't build anything, you're essentially playing a standard Battle Royale game. Granted, you'd still have access to jetpacks and unique characters like Spider-Man, who can thwip his webs over the map. We'll have to wait and see if the mode is popular once it's released, as it currently has no release date.

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