May 12, 2021

Fortnite's questionable peely skin finds its way into the courts during the Epic vs. Apple event.

As the Epic Games vs. Apple legal fight continues this week, the strange Peely character from Fortnite makes an appearance in today's debate.


As we all know, Epic Games and Apple had a legal fight last year over the earnings from the famous iOS battle royale game Fortnite. However, today's court case has seen an even more mysterious phenomenon – it's the start of the second week of the Epic Games v. Apple trial.


According to reports, the trial will last three weeks in total. Apple's lawyers mentioned video game host during the court hearings, which was quite interesting.


For any fans who aren't up to date on the situation, the public has heard about leaked Fortnite plans, internal documents, and sales figures from both firms since the court proceedings started.


The news of leaked documents containing many of Epic Games' crossover plans for Fortnite, showing possible crossovers with Nintendo'sMetroid series, the Naruto franchise, and others, caught the attention of most Fortnite fans last week. However, today's court case has seen an even more mysterious phenomenon, with Fortnite's Peely character making its way into the conversation.


The news comes from Adi Robertson, a senior reporter for TheVerge, who took the liberty of transcribing and summarising most of today's court proceedings for us all on Twitter.


Apple lawyer: “We have a large yellow banana here, in a tuxedo?”

Weissinger: “Yes, that’s Peeley."

Apple:  “And in the tuxedo he’s known as Agent Peeley."

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