September 1, 2021

‘Ghostrunner' now includes difficulty settings and a roguelike-style mode

There's also paid DLC available, which includes a variety of neon-flavored cosmetics.

Ghostrunner has received new DLC, including an Assist Mode that will aid players who are put off by the game's punishing difficulty. The Ghostrunner Neon Pack update consists of both free updates and a separate paid DLC called the Neon Pack. Wave Mode, a hybrid of roguelike and horde mode in which players cut down randomised waves of foes, is one of the new game modes.

Every enemy is killed after one hit, much like in the main game, but arbitrarily generated enemy types and formations, as well as hero improvements between rounds, make each run unexpected.

Players who survive 20 rounds will be rewarded with a new exclusive sword.

While Wave Mode provides a new challenge, Assist Mode is a nice addition for gamers who found the one-hit death rule to be too challenging. This adds three new toggleable options to the game: shorter cooldowns for abilities, slower gameplay to aid reaction speeds, and an extra life.

Although there is no option for invincibility, these options will make Ghostrunner more accessible than it was at launch.

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