August 4, 2021

Guile and Cammy from ‘Street Fighter’ are joining ‘Fortnite’

New fighters, as well as a brand-new character reveal, were added in the 'Street Fighter V' summer update.

Another wave of Street Fighter crossover DLC for Fortnite has been unveiled by Capcom. Guile and Cammy will be joining the battle royale and will be accessible in the Item Shop.

While Guile still wears his trademark green fatigues, Cammy has been given a more modest makeover, and her default uniform is now dark leggings. Camo trousers are included in her alternate tactical outfit.

On August 5, players will have the opportunity to unlock Cammy early by competing in the Cammy Cup, a Duos-based competition. The Cammy Outfit and Borealis Backer Back Bling will be given to the top-performing teams in each region, but any team that gets at least 8 points will receive a special loading screen featuring both Guile and Cammy.

After Ryu and Chun-Li joined the roster earlier this year, this is the second time Street Fighter has made an appearance in Epic Games' battle royale.

In other news, EA has revealed that women will be included in FIFA 22's Pro Clubs mode.

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