April 13, 2021

GUNNAR Optiks and Oxygen eSports Unveil their Partnership

GUNNAR Optiks and Oxygen eSports Unveil their Partnership

When it comes to gaming or working, your eyes are incredibly important and it’s no secret that too much time in front of a monitor is a bad idea. This is where GUNNAR Optiks has made a name for itself and it’s most likely going to be on the map after the partnership with the North American organization Oxygen Sports. This deal will see GUNNAR Optiks become the exclusive gaming eyewear provider of Oxygen Sports – which has been around since May 2020.

Collaborating with GUNNAR Optiks

The GUNNAR Optiks brand is known for collaborating with a variety of top-tier brands such as Ubisoft, ESL, and Razor, among many others. This brand specializes in eyewear that’s designed to filter blue light which is harmful to your eyes.

According to GUNNAR Optiks’ Marketing Director, Georgina Petrie, the collaboration between GUNNAR Optiks and Oxygen eSports makes total sense as the former is also partnered with Ubisoft, which has developed the Rainbow Six franchise and you have to take into account that Oxygen eSports has one of the best rosters and has one of the best teams in the North American League (NAL).

Oxygen eSports is quickly becoming one of the best eSports teams in the world and it’s an added bonus for GUNNAR Optiks that the management team along with the player share a similar philosophy regarding education. It’s important to educate gamers, regardless of their age or where they are in life, about the importance of protecting their vision, especially since we live in a day and age where it’s almost impossible to not use anything that has a screen.

Understanding Oxygen eSports

Oxygen eSports is an elite group that has teams that compete in a wide variety of popular eSports such as Rocket League, Rainbow Six: Siege, Fortnite, and Valorant. The Co-founder and General Manager of Oxygen eSports, Adam Morrison, has stated that the team is extremely excited to be working with GUNNAR Optiks is one of, if not, the premier brand when it comes to gaming optics. Both parties are eager to work with one another and they seem certain that this will be a fruitful relationship.

Oxygen eSports is well aware of how important it is to take care of your eyesight and with GUNNAR Optiks, not only will their players reduce the strain that screens put on their eyes, but they’ll also be able to enhance their gaming performance. There’s no way of determining exactly how this deal will go; however, it’s clear that this is a great partnership that could be extremely lucrative for both parties, especially if Oxygen is able to gain more popularity, which might even enhance the sales of GUNNAR Optiks glasses.

Both parties are excellent at what they do and there’s no doubt that GUNNAR Optiks will be the go-to choice when it comes to gaming optics. Much like we all wanted Air Jordans when we saw Micheal Jordan in them, this could be a similar situation.

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