November 26, 2021

'Improving video capture quality and sharing is a priority,' according to Xbox

According to an Xbox executive, enhancing the quality of video capture and the way it's shared on Xbox Series X/S is a top focus for the firm.

Jason Ronald, Xbox's director of programme management, was asked on the Iron Lords podcast this week if the company planned to improve the console's Game DVR (in-game video recording) capabilities.

“I will definitely say that Game DVR is the one area – the capture and share experience – that I wish we were able to make more progress [on] this year than we were able to,” Ronald replied. “It is definitely a priority for us.”

“We definitely hear the feedback,” he said. “We have made some changes and we have made some improvements to the reliability and the quality of the captures but we know we still have work to do here.

“So that is definitely a priority for us and something that we’re going to continue to iterate on.

“You know, the best thing I can recommend is if you’re not in the [Xbox] Insider rings, get on the Insider rings, so that as we bring new capabilities and improvements, we want that feedback to know where we’re meeting the bar, and where we’re not meeting the bar.

“But definitely, message heard, and like I said, it’s definitely an area that I wish were able to make more progress this year than we did but it will definitely be a priority for 2022.”

In January, Ronald indicated on Twitter that the team was working on improving the capture and share experience, saying that it was a challenge for the team.

His latest remarks imply that these enhancements are not yet complete, and that more changes are in the works.

Microsoft's Xbox Black Friday sale began this week, with savings of up to 50% off on select titles.

The Xbox Black Friday deal will run until December 2, 2021, and will feature discounts on season passes and DLC.

Microsoft is offering three months of Xbox Game Pass PC for £1, in addition to hundreds of software discounts. The offer is not valid for existing Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

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