July 13, 2021

Latest FIFA 22 outrage

According to EA, consoles are superior to gaming PCs for FIFA 22.

EA believes their new motion-capture technology is too powerful for PCs, even though it allows the game to compose its animations.

According to the business, due to variations in hardware, the next PC edition of FIFA 22 will lack features available to the latest generation of console players. EA has integrated "groundbreaking new HyperMotion gameplay technology" in the game, which the company does not expect PCs to handle, as the latest trailer footage for the game demonstrates.

As EA explained: "Xsens suits record every touch, tackle, sprint and duel from all 22 players playing at high intensity for the first time, capturing data that powers over 4000 new animations in FIFA 22 to raise the footballing intensity, responsiveness, and physicality of every player in the game."

But the technology is only available on PS5, Xbox Series X and S, and Google Stadia - meaning last-generation console gamers and those with PCs won't be able to enjoy it.

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