September 6, 2021

New lo-fi open world in Dread Delusions looks thrilling

Dread Delusion appears to be a horror-tinged remake of Skyrim.

Everyone wants to see an open-world, sci-fi first-person RPG with a distinct look, a morbid flair, and some nasty opponent designs.

Dread Delusion is an in-development RPG that takes a set of decidedly otherworldly, occult stylings and pushes them to the limit with early-2000s PSX graphics, creating a world of expansive, bizarre magic and busy towns to explore.

It's like a cross between Daggerfall and King's Field, which came before Dark Souls. One who spent his childhood pouring over an old, mouldering Latin copy of Solomon's Lesser Key. Its main selling point is a smaller, but meticulously handcrafted open-world experience with a major mission to complete as well as side tasks to discover.

Lovely Hellplace, the game's creators, guarantee that fighting will never be the sole choice "With a varied skill system, there’s always an alternative to combat. Charm people, pick locks or use secret knowledge."

"At the edge of the world lies the citadel of the Clockwork God, where state-approved magic is regulated by strange machines," says the game description which is giving everyone life , and then it says "The Clockwork God has calculated that a saviour will emerge. But even God has been known to malfunction, of late."

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