October 11, 2021

New World gamers are attempting to ban each other to win wars

Unscrupulous businesses are taking advantage of reports to kick enemies for 24 hours.

In several multiplayer games, if you get enough bad behaviour reports in a short period of time, you'll be automatically blacklisted.

In competitive MMOs, it's a system ripe for abuse, and New World appears to be seeing a particularly severe epidemic, with a combination of winner-take-all incentives and small lists of participants making the best targets for your wave of aggressive fake reports very evident. Now it appears that New World gamers have found out how to use reports to target their rivals, triggering a 24-hour ban immediately before a time-limited war event.

Players in the New World are claiming that they were banned for no reason, or that big swaths of their company membership were banned just before a conflict. Meanwhile, Amazon Games representatives have complicated the waters with contradictory claims.

Posts across the Steam forums, Reddit, and other social media give anecdotes of bans. "50 People in my 100-person company are now banned" reads one Reddit post.

"So my company has a war today and the company we are going to war against reported our top players so they would get a temporary 24 hour ban and not be able to participate in the war," says a post on the New World forums.

Another Reddit thread, which has since been removed, detailed how a company member found and then exploited the procedure of banning the highest-ranking members of another company before to a war event. Two films of a streamer for the wiki site Fextralife confirm that he was briefly banned due to what appears to be widespread abuse of the report system. Streamers are frequently targeted in games with a high rate of mass reporting.

Amazon's moderators and customer service provide inconsistent messages. According to certain moderators' posts, there is a threshold of reports that will result in an immediate 24-hour ban. Other New World forum moderators urge that each report be examined by a real human.

PC Gamer has reached out to Amazon for comment, and we will keep us updated if they hear back.

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