April 13, 2021

New York eSports Company Andbox Receives Investment from Keven Durant

New York eSports Company Andbox Receives Investment from Keven Durant

It’s not uncommon to hear of a world-class athlete investing in a business or a particular industry. Kevin Durant is known for his scheme Thirty-Five Ventures, which he co-founded with his manager Rich Kleiman. This scheme is known for investing in everything that Durant takes an interest in, this includes businesses, sports, culture, technology, and more.

The latest company to receive an injection of capital from the venture is Andbox, a New York-based eSports organization. The news broke when Durant had stated in a tweet that he’s excited to be investing in the New York Subliners and Andbox.

What Does This Mean?

This means that Kevin Durant and his manager, Rich Kleiman will be joining the Andbox team as creative partners and investors. Different initiatives for Andbox will see Thirty-Five and Durant as partners. This includes creating new entertainment content and the design of fresh merchandise collections. Durant and Kleiman aren’t the only high-profile investors to take an interest in Andbox as there is a long line of investors.

The organization has managed to raise funds from the likes of David Levy, Michael B. Jordan, Neil Blumenthal, Jeff Raider, Adam Leibsohn, and Roham Gharegozlou.

About Andbox

Andbox has two franchise slots at the moment, with the Call of Duty League via the New York Subliners and the Overwatch League through New York Excelsior. There’s also a Valorant team that competes under the Andbox banner. New York is one of the largest eSports platforms for teams to compete under. This is what drives the likes of Clayster, a Call of Duty champion, and Kevin Durant.

The Tri-State area in the state of New York is the largest market in the country and it’s a global hub for fashion, youth culture, sports, and media; however, it’s still overlooked within the gaming industry. But this is changing as Andbox strives to deliver for the gaming fans in New York and continue to elevate eSports in the region until it reaches the world stage.

As Andbox is owned by a venture capital firm and owning two franchise spots stimulates the hunger of investors. However, the decline of the popularity of Overwatch and constant questions regarding the money that teams have lost entering the franchised leagues might be disheartening for some organizations. However, this competence of the executive staff has played a fundamental role when it comes to the happiness of the investors. Only time will tell if spending millions of dollars on franchise slots will pay off.

Additional Information Regarding the Investment Deal

This will expose more people to eSports as they might not know what’s going on but they do know who Kevin Durant is. Furthermore, Durant will be seen wearing Andbox apparel along with content that he’s co-created will be found in the Thirty Five Ventures boardroom. Regular meetings will be held between the two companies to discuss community, collaboration with gamers, marketing, and apparel. Overall, this is an exciting venture and it could be what the industry needs to grow in New York.

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