October 28, 2021

Nintendo Switch Datamine Hints at Smash Bros. And Other N64 Games Coming

The placeholders for the N64 Expansion Pack indicate that at least 38 titles will be added to the service.

The Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack debuted earlier this week, bringing nine N64 titles to the portable platform. Many people are curious as to what other classics will be added to the subscription-based library. A few pointers have recently been discovered in datamined files.

“Initial datamining from the N64 app is somewhat fruitful,” MondoMega wrote in a tweet sharing a spreadsheet of data scraped from the Expansion Pack files earlier this week. “Going by the game IDs there are at least 38 N64 titles planned for NSO.”

Because the list is in alphabetical order, and we already know that seven additional N64 titles are on the way, it's feasible to guess what some of the placeholders are for. Mario Party 1 through 3 and Mario Story, the Japanese title for Paper Mario, are the only games between Mario Kart 64 and Mario Tennis. As a result, it's safe to assume that at least two Mario Party games will be included in the Expansion Pack.

The other pockets are a little hazier. Between Super Mario 64 and WinBack: Covert Operations, there are two spaces. The most apparent candidates for filling that void are Super Smash Bros. 64 and Wave Race 64. Wipeout 64, on the other hand, appears to be a good contender to fill the void between WinBack and Yoshi's Story.

Eurogamer announced last month that Game Boy and Game Boy Color games would be coming to Switch Online. Instead, Nintendo revealed the N64 and Sega Genesis lineups. However, based on the datamine, it appears that handheld games are still in the works.

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