August 27, 2021

Pokémon TV app now available on Switch

The app lets users watch Pokémon cartoons and other Pokémon media.

The Switch still lacks Netflix and Twitch apps, but Nintendo has gone one better by revealing that Pokémon TV, a media app dedicated to all things Pokémon, is now accessible on the system.

Pokémon TV is an app that allows fans of the long-running cartoon series to watch episodes of the show, as well as videos with tips and tactics for players and competitive Pokémon broadcasts. The software was first released in 2019 for mobile devices and smart TVs, and it is now available for free on Switch. The Pokémon TV app will also feature a junior category, which will feature programmes aimed at younger players and fans.

Pokémon is still a huge success in Japan, twenty-five years after it first debuted.

Trainers can download the Pokémon TV app from the Nintendo eShop if they want to be the best like no one else has ever been.

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