December 15, 2021

‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ mod lets you play as a bartender or shepherd

A new Red Dead Redemption 2 version allows players to play the game in a more wholesome manner than usual, allowing them to earn a career as a bartender, dock worker, or deliveryman.

PCGamesN was the first to notice the PC-based Jobs Mod produced by game modder Bolmin. It allows you to be extremely law-abiding while also making money. It introduces new professions such as miner, bartender, hunter, dockworker, and delivery person. The mod even gives you the option of becoming a shepherd.

The jobs are similar in concept to camp chores and are designed to be far from action-packed yet weirdly peaceful. The chores are described as something you may do to "kick back and enjoy the world or mood," according to the mod.

Cleaning glasses and setting tables, for example, are both part of the bartending job. Cleaning, fishing, and docking boats are all part of dock job.

Because the mod isn't finished yet, some parts may be more "flashed [sic] out than others," according to the developer. "Immersive components including modified movement speed, quick-time events, and dynamic task prompts" are available in each.

The goal is that this will be a very different and low-key experience than everything else available in Red Dead Redemption 2. Install the mod first, then open the game map and search for new yellow symbols in the cities. Each one depicts a character with whom you can communicate in order to complete a job.

In a more official role, Red Dead Online has received a Christmas-themed upgrade. For the following two weeks, a variety of activities and weather changes are expected to make the game more joyful.

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