May 4, 2021

Review of Total War: Rome Remastered

Total War isn't a brand-new game. It was released in October of 2004... So it's just over 16 years old.

But what a fantastic remastering of one of gaming's most popular and essential strategy games - Fans claim it's a brilliant update of an old classic.

It does what it says in the title to those unfamiliar with the game, set in the Roman Empire, with the campaign starting in 270 BC.

There was a period when Rome was divided into four separate empires, and you had to send an individual to communicate with another realm physically.

With Rome: Total War's freshly released remaster, it just took a few moments for everything to come flooding back. In the 17 years since Rome's debut, the Total War series has changed dramatically for the better.

Total War: Rome Remastered lacks these enhancements, and as a result, it can offend modern sensibilities.

However, the first Rome remains one of the series' most famous instalments, and the reasons for this haven't changed. The original Rome was the first Total War game to go entirely 3D, and it was also one of the first widely available grand strategy games set during this ever-popular era.

Critics welcomed the updates and enhancements in the gameplay and audio-visual layer, but they also remarked on the original production's apparent age.

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