December 1, 2021

Santa 47 comes to Hitman 3 for Christmas

After double-checking, I'm going to remove both naughty and nice.

IO Interactive has released a Winter Roadmap for Hitman 3, which simply comprises of the announcement that you may dress up as Santa Claus and garrotte people. The game's first mission, Dubai, is also now available for free to all players.

The 'Holiday Hoarders' task, which was first featured in 2016 and then briefly resurfaced in Hitman 2, is now available. The holiday-themed mission, set in Paris, is full of joyful touches amidst the killing, such as the option to throw snowballs. You can also play as Harry and Marv from Own Alone, who are "both American natives now living in Paris after a series of bungled break-ins and related violent crimes drove them to flee their home country." The Santa 47 outfit is unlocked after completing Holiday Hoarders.

All of Hitman 3's 'Elusive Targets' are being brought back by IO, so perhaps the developer should rename them. Despite this, they'll all arrive in a staggered form throughout the holiday season, giving you six days to murder each one.

Finally, on January 3rd, Hitman 3 will receive the Hokkaido Snow Festival, which will include a thematically suitable ice pick weapon and a snow festival costume, followed by some 'Winter Madness Feature Contracts' on January 13.

IO Interactive's Hitman 3 was a big hit, and this trilogy is now unquestionably the most comprehensive assassin-em-up game ever created. Ending on a high note, IO promises more for Hitman 3 in 2022, which it has previously trailed: The long and short of it is that there will be a lot more maps and modes.

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