November 23, 2021

Sega & Microsoft super games won’t be Xbox exclusives

While Microsoft is aiding Sega with their super game strategy, Sega has no plans to develop Xbox exclusives.

Sega revealed earlier this month that it will collaborate with Microsoft on a major super gaming venture. However, it was unclear at the time whether this collaboration meant the titles in question would be Xbox exclusives.

It wouldn't have been shocking if this was the truth because Microsoft has been acquiring companies left and right in order to create more Xbox-exclusive games (there were rumours of it outright buying Sega back in January). Sega, on the other hand, appears to have ruled out the option.

When addressing Sega's goals at its most recent fiscal meeting, the topic of the super game effort and the collaboration with Microsoft came up. Sega executives clarified that the cooperation does not imply that Sega will begin releasing Xbox exclusives, emphasising that the company's goal is to provide excellent games to everyone.

‘We are not talking about releasing games to Microsoft exclusively, but rather to develop super game[s] that will be delivered to the world together, with their technical support.’

Sega claims that it already had a tight relationship with Microsoft due to the fact that it released games for its platforms and helped with the creation of some first-party titles. Sega is most likely alluding to the Sega-owned studios Creative Assembly (the Total War producer) and Relic Entertainment (Company Of Heroes), which worked on Halo Wars 2 and Age Of Empires 4, respectively.

'When we first unveiled the concept of super games, Microsoft was supportive of our vision, which led to this news.'

The definition of a great game is still up in the air. Sega has only stated that the games will be "big scale, worldwide games" created on Microsoft's Azure cloud infrastructure, with a strong emphasis on online play and community.

The firm has also been contemplating the possibility of remasters, remakes, or sequels for several of its long-dead brands, such as Altered Beast, Jet Set Radio, and Crazy Taxi.

Creative Assembly is working on a top-secret first-person shooter, but no fresh details have been revealed since a teaser image was released in May, which included Easter eggs referencing other Sega IP.

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