February 3, 2022

Some of the best games on Xbox Game Pass are being phased out

The world's Xbox hard discs needed a break at some point. Xbox Game Pass isn't clogging up the most jam-packed release schedule in recent memory for February 2022. Not only is the incoming lineup small, but some of Microsoft's best and biggest games-on-demand titles will soon be inaccessible.

Here’s everything going by the wayside on February 15:

Control (Cloud, Console, PC)

Code Vein (Cloud, Console, PC)

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (Console, PC)

The Medium (Cloud, Console, PC)

Project Winter (Cloud, Console, PC)

The Falconeer (Cloud, Console, PC)

After a year—roughly the time it takes to complete 10.7% of the game—the fantastic Final Fantasy XII redux is removed from the service. Control by Remedy Entertainment has been available for around the same amount of time. Even though The Medium and The Falconeer didn't exactly create a splash, they were both promoted as must-play titles during the Xbox Series X's launch window, so their removal from the console's service of the moment raises some eyebrows.

Here's what's coming up in contrast (sorry):

February 3

Contrast (Cloud, Console)

Dreamscaper (Cloud, Console, PC)

Telling Lies (Cloud, Console, PC)

February 10

Besiege, via game preview (Cloud, Console, PC)

CrossfireX (Console)

Edge of Eternity (Cloud, Console, PC)

Skul: the Hero Slayer (Cloud, Console, PC)

The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom (Cloud, Console, PC)

February 14

Ark: Ultimate Survivor Edition (Cloud, Console, PC)

Infernax (Cloud, Console, PC)

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