May 24, 2021

Sonic The Hedgehog 30th anniversary collection leaked

Sega is going all out to commemorate Sonic The Hedgehog's 30th anniversary this year by releasing a slew of merchandise. Unfortunately, the only thing it is missing right now is a game.

Sega is rumoured to be working on at least one new game project (there have also been rumours of a remaster of Sonic Colours). If this latest leak is to be believed, the publisher will also be publishing a Sonic collection.

This information comes from the French store Sogamely, which includes a PlayStation 4 game called simply Sonic Collection. There's no box art or a release date on the listing, but a collection of some sort would make a lot of sense.

While this is not an official statement or confirmation, it's worth noting that Sogamely also has a listing for the Sonic Colours remaster.

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