October 29, 2021

Sony develops the 'PlayStation PC,' strengthening its relationship with PC gaming

This naming shift is significant after decades of PlayStation being seen as a separate platform.

Sony appears to have replaced the old PlayStation Mobile label with a new "PlayStation PC" label for its ports.

It's only a publisher name change on Steam right now, so it doesn't affect much. It appears that Sony hasn't made the transition on every game yet—God of War still lists PlayStation Mobile as the publisher—but hopefully this is an indication of a greater commitment to PC as a platform.

We've seen a steady surge in PlayStation-exclusive games being made available on Steam and Epic Games. Following the PC versions of Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn, Sony announced a desire to release more titles in 2020. Days Gone was released this year, and Uncharted 4, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and, most surprisingly, God of War will be released in the future. Nixxes Software, a studio that assisted in the porting of a few Crystal Dynamics titles to PC, was also acquired by Sony a few months ago.

Jim Ryan, the head of Sony Interactive Entertainment, told GQ earlier this year that "a whole slate" of PlayStation games are on their way to the US, though he didn't say which ones will get the port treatment. Personally, I think The Last of Us would be an excellent choice, however half of the team here is now salivating over Bloodborne on PC.

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