August 18, 2021

Stranger Things will end Dead by Daylight in November

Characters and outfits will be available until they're gone in a "Last Chance Sale."

Stranger Things, a Netflix sci-fi horror series, has parted relations with Dead by Daylight, a long-running asymmetrical survival horror game. All characters and clothing associated to the series will no longer be available for purchase after November 17, according to publisher Behaviour Interactive.

The good news is that the Stranger Things characters Nancy, Steve, and the Demogorgon will be on sale for half price from August 18 until their removal, and clothes for all three will be reduced until September 8.

Except for the Hawkins National Laboratory Map, which will be totally deleted from the game, players who already own the Stranger Things content (or purchased it prior to its removal) will have access to it.

Character-specific perks and accomplishments will also be changed to be generic and so available to everyone, but they will remain unlocked if you currently have them.

It's a tragic loss, especially given the show's popularity, but it's far from unprecedented. Expiring licences, Grand Theft Auto, and Alpha Protocol are just a few of the titles available. While famous game licences are occasionally renewed, Netflix may have been hesitant to renew its agreement with Behaviour Interactive due to its recent desire to enter the game-making business on its own.

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