July 26, 2021

Street Fighter: Duel, will be launched worldwide soon

Previously only available in China.

Capcom has announced that Street Fighter: Duel, a mobile fighting game, will be available worldwide soon.

According to a Capcom announcement made at the Capcom Pro Tour's North America East event, Street Fighter: Duel, which was first published primarily in China in 2020, would be distributed internationally.

TOPJOY, Tencent Games, and Capcom collaborated on the game. Players form teams of three global warriors to take on waves of adversaries or other teams, each with their own special powers and roles based on the Street Fighter franchise.

Around 30 popular Street Fighter characters from games like Street Fighter II and others are on the list, but it appears that some new characters may be introduced as well.

Each character is divided into several categories such as Wind, Mountain, Fire, Forest, Dark, and other elements, with each character using their Street Fighter 4 costumes by default.

The single-player plot in Street Fighter: Duel will include cutscenes and unlocking character cards. Expect a hybrid battle system that combines combos and quick-time events with various combat systems.

The global release of Street Fighter: Duel has yet to be announced, so players will have to wait a little longer to see what it's like.

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