May 26, 2021

The gameplay for New Horizon Forbidden West will be shown this week

On May 27, we will get to watch Aloy's new adventure in action.

Horizon Forbidden West will be the subject of a new PlayStation State of Play this week. According to Guerrilla Games, the developer of Horizon Forbidden West, we can expect a fresh showcase focusing on the sequel this week on May 27.

That is, assuming Horizon Forbidden West will be released this year. So far, reports have suggested that the game could be postponed until 2022, and it's safe to assume that if a delay for Guerrilla's sequel is in the works, it will be announced here. Similarly, if Forbidden West does indeed release this year, may a concrete release date be announced later this week?

On Thursday, we're in for a treat in any case. It's a good guess that we'll see gameplay for Horizon Forbidden West, as this will be the first time, we've seen genuine gameplay for Guerrilla's sequel.

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