June 1, 2021

The Minecraft championship is back for season 2

For 2021, your favourite competitive Minecraft competition is back! The event returns after a five-month hiatus.

Ten teams of four competed in the MC Championship in a variety of mini games that tested essential Minecraft skills such as parkour, survival, fighting, teamwork, and more. Following eight games, the two teams with the most coins faced off in a final match to determine the ultimate champion.

The five-month wait for more Minecraft Championships (MCC) action was well worth it for Noxcrew, who put on a fantastic first event to kick off season two. The Aqua Axotols came out on top with a powerful Dodgebolt performance to close out MCC 14. With some revised maps, assets, and additional stuff in the mix, the Aqua Axotols came out on top with a great Dodgebolt performance to close out MCC 14.

Despite finishing second behind the Blue Bats in the overall rankings, HBomb94, Smajor1995, and their teammates defeated Sapnap's team 3-1 in the final event to win the first coin of season two. With the MCC 14 victory, HBomb94 has now won four MCC titles, becoming the only player to do so. He previously won MCC 2, MCC 7, and MCC 9.

The final standings for the whole tournament, leading up to the Aqua Axotols' 3-1 victory in Dodgebolt, are listed here.

  1. Blue Bats: 21,528 Coins
  2. Aqua Axolotls: 20,218 Coins
  3. Purple Pandas: 19,833 Coins
  4. Red Rabbits: 17,882 Coins
  5. Yellow Yaks: 17,504 Coins
  6. Pink Parrots: 15,566 Coins
  7. Green Guardians: 15,252 Coins
  8. Orange Ocelots: 15,093 Coins
  9. Cyan Creepers: 13,730 Coins
  10. Lime Llamas: 13,523 Coins

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