June 21, 2021

The server shutdown for ‘Might & Magic X' has left gamers without DLC and the endgame

Items from the Deluxe Edition have likewise vanished.

A shutdown server has impeded Might and Magic X users' ability to use DLC and progress beyond Act I in the game. The game's servers were shut down on June 1, but gamers have been experiencing problems ever since. There appears to be no reliable way to access the levels and places contained in the Falcon And The Unicorn DLC.

The Might And Magic X DLC is still available on Steam, although it's unclear if Ubisoft is aware of the problem. However, Might And Magic X was included on the Ubisoft website as part of a list of multiplayer server shutdowns, with the caveat that “solo features for each game will remain available,” but “unlockable content will no longer be available, even if it has been redeemed previously.”

In related news, Turtle Rock, the creators of Back 4 Blood, have revealed that the future game would be always-online, even when played alone, requiring users to have an active connection from the start.

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