September 3, 2021

To fight Twitch hate raids, Streamlabs has released a 'Safe Mode' function

Following a day-long boycott by streamers.

Streamlabs, one of the most popular providers for livestreaming tools, software, and knowledge, has announced the addition of a new "Safe Mode" feature to its Cloudbot tool. The new functionality is in response to an increase in instances of Twitch "hate raids," in which streamers (usually from marginalised communities) are bombarded with racially or sexually abusive language from many user identities.

Safe Mode is a Streamlabs dashboard feature that allows users to remove all recent events from their chat, clear currently queued follower/host/raid, and turn off follower alerts.

Safe Mode will also place chat in emote-only mode, follower-only mode, and sub-only mode, deactivate chat notifications for followers, and wipe chat history if users have Streamlabs' Cloudbot function enabled.

"Streamlabs believes in fostering a supportive environment to ensure a positive experience for our streamers and their viewers," Streamlabs said. "You and your community should feel safe to express yourselves without fear of being harassed."

Hate raids on Twitch have become such a common occurrence for many streamers that some members of the community have formed the #ADayOffTwitch movement, calling for a boycott of the site after Twitch failed to provide an effective answer to racial rioting. Many Twitch users, including Twitch Affiliates, complimented Streamlabs for acting in the face of a terrible circumstance over which it had no control.

For the time being, streamers and viewers alike are waiting to see what Twitch's next move will be.

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